Fake Erectile Dysfunction Pills Claim Lives

Fake Erectile Dysfunction Pills

More Money from Cheaper Drugs

In 2017, Pfizer (one of the largest pharmaceutical conglomerates) launched a new version of Viagra – Sildenafil. Sildenafil, the generic version of Viagra, sold for half the price of the original. Not surprisingly, Sildenafil is very well-received by consumers.

However, pharmaceutical companies aren’t the only ones competing for a piece of the pie. In a bid to make a quick buck, many unscrupulous vendors have begun peddling fake erectile dysfunction pills, albeit illegally.

Fake Erectile Dysfunction Pills

  • Claim to be Vigra, Cialis, or other ED pills
  • Are similar to the originals in terms of packaging, colour, etc.
  • Sold at significantly lower prices

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Non-Medical Alternatives

  • Claim to be an alternative solution to ED
  • Often touted as “herbal” or “all-natural” ED cures

Roadside Vendors in Geylang

An article from Channel News Asia sheds light on the matter, it reads: ‘The drugs carry names like India Flirting Powder and Super Magic Man, and according to one of the sellers, they promise “power and enjoyment” during sex. At least three sellers [were] hawking illicit sex drugs on makeshift tables made up of nothing more than a wooden plank propped up by white Styrofoam boxes.’

Power 1 Walnut Drug from China Claims First Fatality

Asia One reports, ‘The illegal sexual-enhancement drug Power 1 Walnut has claimed its first fatality. The middle-aged local Chinese man fell into a coma. The patient did not regain consciousness and eventually [passed away]’

‘There are also other patients who developed serious adverse drug reactions of seizures and unconsciousness with just a single ingestion of half a tablet of Power 1 Walnut. This demonstrates the highly toxic effects of this product,’ warned HSA.

Fake Pills Were Mostly Corn Starch

In another instance, reported by The New Paper and Daily Mail, workers were hired by gang syndicates in China to test out fake Vigra pills. ‘The forgers imported the genuine drug Sildenafil – a medication used to treat erectile dysfunction – and then mixed it with cornflour. ‘There were occasions when the pills contained mainly cornflour so the effects were limited, and other times when they were made using just Sildenafil and were therefore more powerful.’

‘The counterfeit Viagra tablets, which contained varying amounts of cornflour, were then sold in fake packaging by the gangs, based in Hunan province.’