Erectile Dysfunction Causes

Erectile dysfunction causes can be complicated. Firstly, it is important to realize that erectile dysfunction (ED) can be caused by one or more factors. For the most part, the causes of ED can be broadly categorized into physical and mental causes. Generally, health conditions that affect the vascular, nervous, or endocrine system can contribute to ED.

Common Erectile Dysfunction Causes

Age Related


Generally, the risk of ED increases with age. However, men of any age can develop ED.

Medical Conditions Diabetes High Cholesterol

Medical Conditions

Additionally, conditions such as diabetes and high cholesterol can cause ED.

Erectile Dysfunction Causes Psychological Factors Stress Emotional Distress Relationship Problems

Psychological Factors

Moreover, stress, depression, or performance anxiety, may contribute to ED.

Erectile Dysfunction Causes Lifestyle & Diet Factors

Diet & Lifestyle

Comparatively, men who are overweight, smokers, or alcoholics are at higher risk.

Medication Use

Medication Use

Also, taking medications that affect blood flow can result in ED.

Erectile Dysfunction Causes Testosterone Deficiency

Testosterone Deficiency

Furthermore, a low level of male hormones can lower sex drive, causing ED.

Erectile Dysfunction Causes - What Can You Do About It?

The first step to treating erectile dysfunction is identifying its cause(s). As mentioned above, erectile dysfunction is a complicated condition. Consequently, ED can be caused by one or more factors. For example, ED may initially be caused by diabetes, and further worsened by relationship problems. As such, the causes of erectile dysfunction may vary greatly from person to person. Being that, an individual with erectile dysfunction should consider their medical history, sexual history, psychological issues, medication usage, and lifestyle. 

Erectile Dysfunction Causes - Do I Need to See A Doctor?

Overall, maintaining positive lifestyle habits (regular exercise, healthy diet, reduce alcohol and smoking) can help to reduce the risk of ED. Additionally, it is good to undergo a physical examination identify any possible health-related issues. Similarly, a psychological evaluation can identify possible mental causes.

Without a doubt, ED can be a devastating problem that significantly affects an individual. On the positive side, there are many clinically-proven treatments for ED.  Viagra, cialis, and other oral medications are possible treatments. On the other hand, patients seeking long-term treatment can consider ESWT / Wave Therapy.