Erectile Dysfunction

Find out about the symptoms, causes, treatments of erectile dysfunction

Do I have erectile dysfunction?

Firstly, erectile dysfunction (ED) is a condition where a man regularly fails to attain or maintain an erection needed for sexual intercourse.  From time to time, most men do experience the occasional inability to maintain an erection – this is normal. 

However, an estimated 1-in-6 men in Singapore suffer from ED.

In general, ED is usually caused by medical or psychological factors. In any case, it is important to understand that ED can be caused by one or more factors. With this in mind, some factors that have been known to be linked to ED include: 


Generally, the risk of ED increases with age. However, men of any age , even young men, can develop ED.

Medical Conditions

Also, diabetes, high cholesterol & other conditions can cause ED.

Erectile Dysfunction Psychological Factors

Psychological Factors

Moreover, stress, depression, or performance anxiety, may contribute to ED.

Diet & Lifestyle

Comparatively, men who are overweight, smokers, or alcoholics are at higher risk.

Erectile Dysfunction Medication Use

Medication Use

Also, taking medications that affect blood flow can result in ED.

Testosterone Deficiency

Furthermore, a low level male hormones can lower sex drive, causing ED.

Erectile Dysfunction Pills

Oral medications are a possible treatment option for ED. In brief, medications work by relaxing the muscles in the penis to improve blood flow. At the present time, there are many different kinds of ED medications. For instance, Viagra, Cialis and Sildenafil are the most common in Singapore.

However, the effects of oral medications are often short-lived. Moreover, they have to be taken in advance for effects to be seen. As a result, some may feel that their sex lives lose spontaneity.

ESWT / Wave Therapy

Extracorporeal Shock Wave Therapy (ESWT) uses low-intensity ultrasound waves to treat erectile dysfunction. Accordingly, it stimulates the creation of new blood vessels in the cavernous bodies. As a result, blood flow in the penis is improved. Consequently, this enhances the ability to achieve an erection.

In addition, ESWT is clinically-proven and backed by results. As a matter of fact, ESWT has been featured on CNAStraits Times, and used in government hospitals in Singapore.

Above all, ESWT is able to grant long-lasting results. In contrast, pills only have short-term effects. All in all, ESWT is simple, painless treatment that treats the root cause of ED. That being said, patients are able to have natural, spontaneous erections after treatment.